Ready to hand out packets to my students for distance learning. April, 2020

When schools closed due to Covid-19, we had no idea that they’d be closed for the rest of the school year. My district was lucky; that first week of “closure” was supposed to be our Spring Break anyway. So, we had a full week of break, and then another week to plan what distance learning looks like for us.

The district decided to start out with paper packets while they figured out how to get everyone access to technology, and I made packets for my mild/mod students and mod/severe students that worked on basic pre-academic skills and their IEP goals. We also put together a little kit with supplies and goodies so that they would be fully prepared to learn at home.

After that, my team and I got to work on a Google Site and video instruction for the students. Once distance learning started, we had the site ready to go with news updates, online activities, and helpful links, and we held online video sessions with small groups. It was a unique time for sure, but I learned a lot!