Happy First Day of Fall, Alaska!

For the first day of fall, Mother Nature has given us a little present: Very appropriately timed termination dust! For those of you who don’t know what termination dust is, it’s what Alaskans call the first dustings of snow that show up on the tops of the mountains. When the termination dust makes its appearance, it means that summer is officially over and that the long, dark winter will soon be here.

You know, because fall isn’t really a season here; it lasts for maybe a month? While it’s nice that the snow is still only on the mountain tops for the moment, the fact that there could be snow any day now is a real concern! I think it’s supposed to get into the freezing temps next week. Oh, Alaska. I’m not ready! I haven’t even decorated for fall yet!

Fall is my favorite season and I’m very sad that it passes so quickly here. Just like my childhood in New York, it looks like I’ll have to plan for my kids’ Halloween costumes to be worn over winter layers…and with boots. SIGH. Oh well, happy fall everyone!

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