What I Wore: Fox Sweater & Califul Tunic

First outfit post of the season! Yay! Although, truth be told, I wore this to work on my last Casual Friday, so I guess it’s technically a spring outfit? Anyway, I’m wearing my favorite fox sweater, with a collared tunic under it that Califul gave me to include in this post.

This spring/early summer has been so much colder than last year’s. I can’t believe it! It’s grey and rainy all the time. I snapped these pictures in the morning, and I’m glad that I did, because it rained later that day! That’s one thing that’s good about Alaska – the sun starts rising at 4am now, so there is plenty of time to do stuff before your day is supposed to begin! Of course, that is way too early, so all I can muster up for my hair on those days is a side braid, ha.

So, let’s talk about my outfit, shall we? I thrifted this cute sweater, and I love it. I really questioned whether or not I should get it, because I am an adult and everything, but my panda shoes went over well at work, so I decided a fox sweater would be good company. (Although, not together.) It’s warm enough now that I don’t need a jacket, and can even manage with 3/4 length sleeves when I’m going out and about. It’s AWESOME.

Under my sweater is a button down tunic from Califul, that I don’t think I’d recommend. (Which is why it’s under the sweater.) It looked fine online, but in reality, it’s cut really strangely. The sleeves seem like they’re almost too small, but the body is cut WAY too large. I think they were going for some kind of loose, flowing effect, but it didn’t work on me. I think it could be maybe helped with a belt, but I didn’t have one that worked. Instead, I wore my vest with it when I wore it to work the first time. It looked ok.

Another annoying thing about this shirt is how easily it wrinkles. When I left the house, it looked fine. That didn’t last long. That mess in the first photo is just from my jacket, carrying my daughter into daycare, and the seat belt from the car. SIGH.

Additionally, my pants are jeans from Target. They’re my “comfy” jeans, and I’ve only worn them to work a couple of times. I figured though, since it was the end of the school year and I was wearing a sweater with a fox on it, that these would work well with the vibe I was feeling. My “watch” is my Fitbit, and my shoes are flats I bought on clearance somewhere.

Outfit Details:
Fox sweater – Love by Design, thrifted
Collared tunic – c/o Califul (You can follow them by using #califul #califulfashion)
Jeans – Target (both pairs)
Watch – Fitbit
Flats – ? & Toms
Vest – REI

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