Under $20 Gift Guide – Small Business Saturday

Hello! I wanted to pop in really quickly and show off a little gift guide for this year’s Small Business Saturday. In this edition, I’ve got cute items for ladies of all ages, and everything is under $20! Some of these will make great stocking stuffers or inexpensive gifts for the crafty lady in your life. And remember, when you shop small, you’re helping someone buy groceries, pay for their child’s sports, chipping in to keep someone’s lights on, etc. So if you’ve got a couple extra bucks (Seriously, one of these items is only $2!) your money could go a long way to making a difference in someone’s life right this second. So shop small!

The scarf and owl bag were given to me in exchange for inclusion in this gift guide.
This didn’t affect my opinions of them though.

1. Kit, Chloe & Louise Sewing Pattern – $12 – This adorable sewing pattern by Wee Wonderfuls shows how to make the three dolls in my collage. In addition to the pattern itself, a tutorial for the hair is included, and mini paper dolls with coordinating outfits. That’s basically two gifts in one!

2. Sarah & Victoria Owl Bag – $19.88 – Sorry adult owl fans, this is meant to be a little girl’s bag. So, unless you’re looking to buy something for just a cell phone and a couple of credit cards, this is for the toddler in your life. It’s perfect for teeny hands and my daughter put it on her shoulder IMMEDIATELY when I gave it to her. I also love that this one is blue and green, in case you need a refresher from all of the pinks and purples that girl things seem to come in. (I know I do!)

3. Nasty Woman Necklace – $15 – I thought about not adding this in the guide, because maybe it’s still a sore spot for some people, but I ended up including it because I felt that Trump’s America needs “nasty” women who are willing to fight for what they believe in now more than ever. So, if you know someone who would appreciate the sentiment and isn’t too too bitter about the outcome of the election, this gold mirrored, acrylic necklace by Teal Deer may be something to consider. (If not, Teal Deer has lot of other jewelry items to consider, but order before 12/9!)

4. “Harper” Sunnies in Strawberry – $12 – *CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK, SORRY!* These adorable sunglasses by Subsidy Shades would be the perfect thing for the little girl in your life to stash in the car for sunny days. I love this company because every pair of sunglasses purchased from them is donated to help families who are looking to adopt a child. Everybody wins!

5. Art Journals Basics PDF – $2 – If you have someone who has been thinking about trying out art journaling or is looking for some kind of creative outlet, this handy to-do guide from Papercuts Handmade would be the perfect thing to give them. Corey Marie, the author, explains what art journaling is, what is needed to do it, and gives some suggestions on what to include in pages.

6. Macrame Bag Clip/Key Chain – $14 – This bag clip from Paige and Roy adds the cutest little vintage touch to any bag. It’s made with cotton rope and is about 8 inches long. My mom used to make macrame things in the 70s, I made them in the 90s, and now you can have some in the 00’s. (Right? The 00’s in now, right?)

7. “Cat Lady” Key Chain – $8.50 – In case you don’t know anyone who likes vintage flair, maybe you know someone who likes cats! This acrylic key chain by Little Bright Studio would fit perfectly in your favorite cat lady’s stocking.

8 Floral Scarf/Shawl – $6.99 – In case my collage pic fools you, know that this scarf by Leonal & Allen is huge. I measured it and it’s 72 inches long and 41 inches wide, so keep that in mind. It’s so pretty though! (I actually have a tutorial coming up because of it on how to wear blanket scarfs.) The top half is floral, and the bottom half is blue, which makes this a very versatile scarf. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it.

That’s all for this gift guide. Thanks for looking and happy Small Business Saturday everyone!

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