My Children’s Christmas Stockings

I’ve had a couple of friends post on facebook, asking what people are putting in their kids’ Christmas stockings, so I thought I’d make a list of what I’ve bought for my children, since I have their stockings complete. I don’t know about your house, but we keep our Christmas stockings fairly simple. Just a few small toys and some candy; that’s it! I hope my list inspires you, and remember, you don’t have to go all out on stockings. I’m sure your kids won’t mind… mine don’t!

The bandanna bibs and compression sleeve were given to me in exchange for inclusion in this gift guide. This didn’t affect my opinions of them though.

1. Compression Sleeve – $9.97 – My 6 year old son loves sensory input on his arm joints. The most common way he gets this input is by falling on purpose, which can be a little dangerous. I bought him a compression sleeve to help with that. It compresses his elbow, which he likes. (I had him try it on when it arrived.) I bought the smallest size, which is still a little big for him, but it still helps. It will only help more as his arm gets bigger. I’m treating it like his weighted vest and he’ll only wear it for 30 minute increments. If you have a child who likes squeezes on their arms, this might be something to consider!

2. Small Baby Doll – $5 – The doll pictured isn’t the exact one I’ve bought for my daughter’s stocking, but it’s close. It’s the same style of doll, but Walmart sells them in-store for $5. She has another of the same kind and carries it everywhere. It is by far her favorite doll. So, if you’ve got a toddler, I would recommend this because even if it gets lost (which ours already has) you’re only out 5 bucks for a replacement. (Win!)

3. Pokeball Keychain – $8.99 – My boys got really into Pokemon over the summer (as you can tell by our Halloween costumes.) and they keep throwing balls at each other, trying to “catch” the other in their pretend “Pokeballs.” Not all of the balls they choose are soft, so I got these key chains that they can use instead. They’re actually a great size for their hands, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of using it for an actual key chain…it might be kind of large for that use.

4. Alex from Minecraft Figure – $6.89 – My youngest son loves Minecraft and already has a couple of Steve figures, as well as zombies and various animals. I’m always trying to add females to their collections (Wonder Woman, Super Girl, etc.) so it was only natural that I pick up an Alex figure. He’s come home from preschool talking about “girl toys” vs. “boy toys” which is a concept I’ve never taught, so I’m going to keep fighting the good fight as much as I can. Especially now that he has a little sister, I don’t want him to think that boys can’t have tea parties or girls can’t play trains. That’s ridiculous.

5. Pikachu Tee – $6 – To go along with the Pokemon love, I got my youngest son a Pikachu t-shirt. His older brother has one that he’s very jealous of, so this should make him happy. I plan on folding it via Ranger Roll so that it fits in the bottom foot part of the stocking.

6. Bandanna Bibs – $13.99 – I freaking love this style of bib. If you have anyone with babies or toddlers, get them some bandanna bibs. They look significantly cuter than the traditional bib, are generally much softer, and they do the job. These ones in particular are nice for toddlers, because they’re a bit bigger than other brands that I’ve bought. Which means they cover more surface space. Which is never a bad thing. I plan on keeping the heart one food-free, so that my daughter can wear that out and about as a drool guard. Wish me luck!

7. Frozen Necklaces – $3.99 – My daughter, despite my best efforts, seems to be a girly girl. She loves shoes and necklaces and baby dolls. While I might be in trouble if she demands to get her nails done, or wants to wear makeup before her tweens, or whatever it is that girly girls do, I’m not going to let her be herself. (I mean, I’m good with baby dolls and tea parties, but when it comes to the frilly froo-froo stuff I’m lost.) So, I got her some Frozen necklaces. Hopefully this will keep her out of mine. Big plus too is that they don’t seem like the kind of beading that would go everywhere if the string breaks, but the kind where the bead is stuck to the string; something that is handy when the necklace is for a 1.5 year old.

8. Minion Slippers – $8.99 – My eldest is always complaining of cold feet and loves those Minions from the Despicable Me movies/Minions movie, so this was an easy choice. Plus, they’ll full up the toes of the stocking nicely, so that the other stuff can (hopefully) stick out of the top and look cute.

9. Wyldstyle LEGO Minifigure – $11.95 – My youngest son, despite my telling him not to, brought his brother’s Wyldstyle minifigure to show and tell one day. SHOCKINGLY, it was lost/stolen. Which is why I told him not to bring it. *sigh* So, my eldest is getting a new one for Christmas. This one is NOT leaving the house.

That’s all for this gift guide. Have fun filling your kids’ stockings!


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