Sunday Lately: Hiding, Quoting, Telling

I’m co-hosting this week’s Sunday Lately with Katy over at Wild & Wanderful. This week, we’re focusing on “Hiding”, “Quoting”, “Telling”. If you want to participate, head on over to Wild & Wanderful for the link up info.

Every weekend, I’m blessed to be able to sleep in until about 8:00. It’s great and I always wake up feeling really refreshed. However, I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been hiding out in my bedroom after I wake up, just for a little while extra. I’ll scroll through facebook or instagram on my phone, and just enjoy a little alone time before I have to get up and face a day surrounded by my kids. Once I leave my room, I most likely won’t have much alone time. My fellow moms with small children know this: Even going to the bathroom is cause for a line of kids outside the door. Case in point: I currently have my two year old glued to my side as I type this, and my eldest sitting on the other side playing Minecraft.

I’ve been quoting to my husband things I’ve learned at a professional development class I’m taking. A handful of the teachers at my school are taking a CHAMPS class on Thursdays and it’s been pretty interesting. (CHAMPS stands for: Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, Success.) There’s lots of stuff about classroom management, student behavior, and our tolerances of things as a teacher. (PS: I’m by far the most tolerant of the teachers in the group, haha. Everyone was like “You’re teaching the right subject!” #spedlife) So, I’ll take the class, learn stuff, and then come home and tell John all about it!

My daughter has actually started telling me about her day lately. It all started as almost a joke. I was eating dinner with her alone because the boys were out skiing. It was really quiet, so I turned to her and asked her how her day was. She’s only two, so I didn’t really expect an answer. But, she said her day was good, and actually gave me an answer with details when I asked her what she did that day! I don’t know if it’s a boys vs girl thing, or if this kid is really smart, but I still don’t get answers like that from my boys!

What have you been up to this week?

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