Tutorial: Knob Necklace Holder with Chevrons

I was motivated to finish this necklace holder that I started months ago though because my son started pulling all of the necklaces I have off the top of the dresser/desk and onto the floor daily. He also liked pulling all of the pins out of the shadow box I kept them in, which frightened me – I was afraid he’d poke himself or leave them on the floor for my husband and I to step on. So yeah, I needed to finish this necklace holder so I could put together my jewelry wall.

Here is the tutorial. (Based on this necklace holder.)

Supplies Needed:

  • Piece of wood
  • Paint in at least 2 colors
  • Paint brushes for as many colors as you have
  • Painters’ tape
  • Tea cup hooks
  • Cabinet Knobs
  • Drill
  • Picture hanging kit

I started off with a piece of scrap wood that I found in the garage.  I had my friend cut a mitered edge around this piece of wood too.


1. First, I painted the top flat part white, and then made a zig-zag like across the wood using painters’ tape. I wasn’t too worried about making a perfect zig-zag, I just made sure to line the top points up.

2. For some of the points, I was able to use the cut edge of the painters tape, and for others, I needed to cut the tape at an angle. Tip – The points made with the flat cut edge look better.

3. Once I had the tape going across the wood, I painted the line white. I read that this would make the zig-zag lines more sharp, so I used this project to test it out. Once the white paint was dry, I painted over that with black paint.

4. Once the black paint was dry, I took off the painters’ tape to reveal the zig-zag. Unfortunately, I guess I didn’t wait until the base white paint was completely dry before I started making the zig-zag out of tape, so some of the base white paint came off. Whoops. Nothing that can’t be touched up though!

5. To make the next line, I put tape over the existing line, using the fact that I could see through the tape a little to my advantage.

6. I’m not really sure how to describe this next step other than “Make evenly spaced lines, using flat cut pieces of tape.” Hopefully that’s enough. I just eyeballed it, so… I don’t really have any tips. Just pull up the tape if it doesn’t look even when you lay it down?

7. Once that line is dry, you can move onto the next one. Repeat until you have painted all of your lines. Once you get a few in the middle, you can start making two lines (top & bottom) at the same time, so the project will move faster. I’ll tell you now – painting the line with your base color makes a difference. The lines are much more crisp!

8. Once your lines are done, paint your edges. Painting them now will save you from having to touch them up, which you would probably have to do if you painted them first.

9. When the edges are dry, if you’re going to put the tea cup hooks on the bottom like I did, then mark where you’re going to drill the holes. I used chalk to mark mine because I could easily wipe it away.

I didn’t take pictures of the rest of the process because it was pretty self-explanatory. I marked where I wanted the holes for the tea cup hooks and knobs, and my husband drilled them. Make sure you start the drill on the front of the painted board – we did it from the back and some of the wood chipped. It ended up not being a big deal because the necklaces hide it, but still; something to note. I nailed the picture hanging things from the kit to the back of the board so I could hang it on the wall. Then, I screwed in the hooks & knobs. Hang it on the wall and you’re done!

4 thoughts on “Tutorial: Knob Necklace Holder with Chevrons

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi Colleen, I love your necklace holder! I found it while searching pinterest for cool ways to use cabinet knobs. I am really into using them recently and am working on a blog post on Two It Yourself about creative ways to use cabinet knobs. I was hoping you’d let me feature your chevron necklace holder as part of it!


    1. Colleen says:

      Hi Melissa!

      Of course you can feature my necklace holder. All I ask is that you show a preview of the project with a link to my blog to view the full tutorial. I’d love it if you could link my name to my Mommy Blog (http://colleeniscreative.com/mommypanda) somewhere in your text. Thanks for the feature!

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks Colleen! I hope you’ll check it out…so glad I had your great necklace rack to add to the bunch (plus it’s on my to do list now)!

    Melissa recently posted..5 Ingenious ways to re-purpose cabinet knobsMy Profile

  3. Colleen says:

    If you end up making it, I hope you’ll share pictures!

    Do you have a button for people’s blogs that says that they’ve been featured on your site?

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