Christmas for my Classroom

This year, I when my parents and mother in law asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I sent them a link to my Amazon wishlist of classroom items. When I was doing my student teaching, my host teacher had lots of cool gadgets, and I wanted some for my own! In case you’re looking for something for the teacher in your life, here’s my list:

  • Set of Sand Timers – This is a small set of sand timers that is great for putting on individual students’ desks to let them know that they only have so much time to finish what they’re working on. Their customer service is awesome too. One of my students threw the 10 minute timer across the room, breaking it, (Sped life can have its down sides.) and they sent me a whole new set to replace it!
  • 5 Minute Sand Timer – This is a much larger timer than the previously linked set. I use this one to mark when students are taking a break, or to limit entire groups independent work time. I can put it on the shelf on my board, and the students know more or less how much time they have left to work.
  • Yoga Ball Base – This is fairly straight forward. I’m a big fan of alternative seating, and that includes yoga balls. However, if the students are falling all over the place, that’s not helpful. Enter, the yoga ball base. BOOM! Problem solved.
  • Stability Wobble Cushion – Right in line with the yoga ball base is these wobble cushions. If you have a wiggly kiddo, this might help them. It gives them a more low-key way to wiggle.
  • Emoji Photo Props – I used these photo booth props as ceiling hangers to mark my different tables. I also hung some up on the bulletin board behind my desk and my TAs. The kids loved them when we came back from break!
  • Reading Highlighting Strips – These are handy for students who get lost while they read. They can use these to highlight the line they’re currently on, and then move it down the book as they go. They help me get a more honest look at my students’ fluency.
  • Magnetic Hooks – I’ll have to do a post about this, but a handful of my students have what we call “angry cards” on a ring that gives them options of things to do when they’re upset. These hooks attach to the side of their desks and make the cards easily accessible but also out of the way when they’re working.
  • Weighted Lap Blanket – I use this most often during assemblies. Between the weight and the ability to provide some tactile sensory stimulation, this blanket has been super helpful. My eldest has a full sized blanket by this company too, and they’re great!

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