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When Did Flickr up the Amount of Photos Free Accounts Could Upload?!

Well, I must be living under a rock, because I did not realize that free accounts could upload more than 200 photos into their profile. Then again, I haven’t logged into Flickr since before I had kids, and my eldest just turned four, so…

I forget what made me log in again, but I did, and I saw that free accounts now get an entire terabyte of storage, so I decided to upload my digital scrapbooking pages. (With personal info blurred, and watermarks over my kids, of course, because I have a problem and didn’t want these things printed out…) If you’re interested in checking them out, here are the links to the different galleries:



Week in the Life 2013



Week in the Life 2012



Travel Album, 2006-2014 (Work in progress)


Uploading them all in one place has made it really easy to see how far I’ve come in terms of digital scrapbooking, and I can’t wait to see what this year’s Week in the Life shows me!

Guest Post on Awesome Every Day (FabKids Blog)

If you guys want to check out my tutorial on how to decorate a thumbprint tree birdhouse, it’s over on Awesome All Day, which is the FabKids blog. If you want to see my eldest in his FabKids gear, check out my mommy blog, Mommy Panda.


My Hillside Garden


I haven’t updated you guys much here on my garden, but if you are really interested, check out my instagram, because I’m keeping track of all my gardening stuff with the hashtag #myhillsidegarden.

See you on instagram!

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