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You guys! I finally made it onto a creative team! For those of you who don’t know what that is, let me explain. Some digital scrapbook designers have creative teams working with them that consist of scrapbookers who get copies of their kits in exchange for layouts made to promote these products. The layouts are used on the designer’s own blog, and at various scrapbooking communities around the web, as well as on the layout creator’s blog, if they have one. I applied for a few teams last year, and was picked to join the Leaving a Legacy team!

I’ve already made a handful of layouts:

colleeniscreative_2014book_playground_fun455(Click here to view larger version of layout.)

This is a page for my Kansas/2014 album that talks about a day when we were living in the hotel where it finally warmed up enough that we were able to play outside on the playground. It was made using Leaving a Legacy’s Tutus and Dirt + Frostbitten collections. The template is by Tickled Pink Studio.

colleeniscreative_LLD_babybook_title455(Click here to view larger version of layout.)

I don’t know if you guys have heard, but I’m pregnant again and the baby is a girl! This page will serve as the cover page for her baby book, and was made with Leaving a Legacy’s Tutus and Dirt collections.

colleeniscreative_LLD_kansas_book_WINTER455(Click here to view larger version of layout.)

This page is another in my Kansas/2014 album that talks about all of the snow we experienced when we moved to Kansas. We’d only lived in South Carolina for a few months (less than a year!) but it was enough to completely wipe our memory of what it was like to live someplace cold! Made with Leaving a Legacy’s Frostbitten bundle. Template by Megan Turnidge.

Tank_diamond455(Click here to view larger version of layout.)

I plan on making a whole book of Tank’s adventures, and this is one of the pages. It uses Leaving a Legacy’s Up to No Good kit, and features a layout that was inspired by a quick page freebie on Coop’s Custom Creations’ blog.

While I’m talking about Leaving a Legacy Designs, I should mention that they’re having a WINTER SALE this weekend. Grab all Winter/Christmas/New Years and P52/P365/P12 products for 50% off this weekend only.


2014 Album: Car Trip Selfies

(Click here to view larger version of layout)

For the second page of my 2014 album, I wanted to pay homage to our road trip to Kansas, without actually including any of the trip. (Since it was spelled out in our travel album.) I decided to use a couple of pictures of myself and the boys that I took in the van. While parked. I just thought I should make that clear.

The top photo was taken just before we left SC for good, and the bottom one was taken right before we drove into Snowmageddon in Missouri. This ended up being a pretty girly layout, because I decided to pull the colors from my suitcase and scarf. I’m totally ok with this though. I have two boys. My life could use a little more pink, and some extra hearts.

I Made an Elf on the Shelf…My Way

I made an Elf on the Shelf, but of course had to do it my way. I made him a soldier, and he reports to both Santa AND my husband, who is currently deployed to Kuwait. It’s a nice little way to keep my husband in my boys’ holiday, even though he can’t be here himself.

You can read all about our first few weeks with the elf over on my mommy blog, Mommy Panda.

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