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Thoughts of Spring

I keep thinking that spring is almost here, but it has yet to come. Still, my mind wanders to thoughts of a garden. We’re going to be here for at least three years, so I think it’s worth it to give gardening a honest try. Here are some inspiration that I’ve been pinning over on pinterest:

How cool is this stacked box garden? I’m not sure how it would work for veggies, but it’s worth a try, right? [Source]

The people who used to own our house said that deer sometimes wander around, so this might be a good way to keep them from nibbling on my plants. [Source]

At the very least, I should totally do an herb garden like this out on the deck. I see lots of pesto this summer! [Source]

Starting a hydroponics garden sounds really cool too. If you’re interested in hydroponics, I’ve got a coupon code for you.

Get 10% off grow tent kits when you shop at Valid through March 2014.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, sponsored by AccessHydroponic.

NaBloPoMo – Day #4

Question: Would you want to be known as hot?

This is a really weird question for me, because I think it would be strange to be known, let alone known for being hot. So I guess probably not? I used to get hit on by slimy sales guys when I worked in Miami, and while I’m sure they thought they were flattering me so that I would do them a favor or something tacky like that, it was annoying, and I bet if I was “traditionally hot” it would happen a lot more often, and for less work-related reasons. Ugh.

So, no.  I would not like to be known as hot. Well, that was  easy.

New here? I’m participating in NaBloPoMo to give me an excuse to dust off this blog. If you like what you’ve read, and want to read more from me, just check out my mommy blog, Mommy Panda. Thanks!

NaBloPoMo – Day #3

Question: What makes a woman hot? Is it something physical, an intangible personality trait, or something else entirely that labels a person as hot?

I think the obvious answer to this is physical appearance. The answer seems to vary based on the sex of the person being asked, and if you’re talking hot for the sake of being hot over hot and I want to date that person. With “hot for the sake of being hot”, guys seem to have an ability to rate the person they’re judging based solely on their body; the “butter face” thing. (You know, where everything is great BUT HER face! Ooooh!) I don’t understand this at all. I suppose girls can do this too, but none of my friends are like that, so I’m just guessing for the sake of equal opportunity shallow douchyness.

I was told something once by an old co-worker that really stuck with me, years after I stopped working at that place. He said that he liked the girl he liked because she didn’t “need anyone”. I thought that was really interesting. He liked her fierce independence, and her ability to take care of herself. Or, you know, maybe that’s just what he said to me because I’m a chick, and I would have slapped him upside the head if he told me “Dat aaaazzzzz, duh!”

I think if you’re looking at the “hotness” of a person you want to date, you take more things into account, like the story above. Sure, they could look cute, but you’d need more than that to form a relationship. If they have that little extra, then the cutie is bumped up to hottie in your mind.

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