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Arg, Oh No!

One of the problems of doing lots of books at the same time, and taking time off between projects, is that sometimes you forget where you left off. Usually, I’m good at remembering what page I did last in my travel book, but since it’s digital, I don’t have an actual book to look through before I start working again. Sure, I could look through the file folder, but I never felt the need to. I never forgot which page I did last… until this past weekend.

*Hangs head*

This is the page I did over the weekend. I used the October template from Tickled Pink Studio to create this nice, simple page about our stop in Philadelphia on our move to South Carolina:

And this is the layout I found I had made months ago, when I went to open the above file to resize a version for this blog post. Grrr.

For this page, I used the February facebook template from Kimeric Kreations. Luckily, the nice thing about digital scrapbooking is that I can fairly easily change up the page and turn one of these Philadelphia pages into a Boston one. Now…which one to keep as is?


I decided to redo the newest layout, and remake it for Boston, after I realized that we actually went to Boston first on the roadtrip anyway, and that the clock picture cut out was actually from Boston, not Philadelphia. (Whoops!) Here is my remade page:

I made the blue a little more teal, in an attempt to match the previous “Philadelphia” page, since they’ll be viewed next to each other, but I think I need to make it a little more green. It still looks too blue to me! I also added another picture to one of the circles, because I had so many good ones from Boston.

Smashbook Time

I’ve still been plugging away at my “scrapbooking as rehab” thing, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve finished my wedding album, made real headway on my eldest son’s baby book, and have cut out the pictures for the unfinished pages of my youngest’s baby book. Nevermind that I got married in 2008, my eldest is four years old, and my youngest is two…IT’S STILL PROGRESS!

I’ve also been getting some pages done in my 2013 Smashbook. This one is my fav of the pages I’ve finished. It goes over the roadtrip we took when we moved to SC.


My pictures aren’t in any order, because I was more concerned with layout than organization, so I added the number stickers. They allow the viewer to see what picture goes with what location, as specified in the journaling card.

How to Make Your Own Paper Mache Air Plane

I have a tutorial for making your own paper mache air plane/car/train/etc over on my Mommy Blog. Just in time for Halloween! It’s really not hard; just a little time consuming. If you start now, and take a little at a time, you should have plenty of time before Trick or Treating!

Go on, make your kiddo’s costume that much more awesome!

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