DIY Pokemon Halloween Costumes

If your kids are like mine, they discovered the world of Pokemon this summer, when the Pokemon Go app was released in our country. After they became obsessed with the game, my husband introduced them to the TV show from the 90s. The three of them spent many a weekend morning watching that cartoon on Netflix. When I asked them what they wanted to be for Halloween, the boys said they wanted to be Ash and Brock from the show. I could go with that, and I even thought of ways to carry this “DIY Pokemon Halloween Costumes” idea out for the whole family!

Now, it would have been fairly easy to buy an Ash costume online, but those are usually very cheaply made and not warm at all. Plus, I couldn’t find a Brock costume and I generally try to use regular clothing in our costumes whenever possible. Buying those cheap costumes seems like such a waste of money and they create extra waste for the environment! Here are my ideas for warm weather Pokemon Halloween costumes for the whole family: Ash, Brock, Misty, Meowth, and Team Rocket.


Ash: Ash’s costume is made up of a blue and white baseball jacket, regular jeans, black Converse sneakers, green fingerless gloves, and his signature hat. I had to buy the jacket and hat online, but I already own the other items or should be able to easily find them online. I will probably have my son wear a black long sleeved shirt under the jacket. It most likely won’t be seen, but it will be another layer that “goes” with the costume.


Brock: Brock’s costume is pretty simple. It consists of an orange fleece jacket worn under a green puffy vest, with cargo pants and sneakers. That’s it! I could add a belt, but I just foresee problems if my four year old suddenly has to use the bathroom.


Misty: My boys originally wanted me to go as Misty for Halloween, but I turned down the idea because her outfit was NOT designed for Alaska, ha. Still, with a little tweaks, it could work. Just wear a yellow fleece jacket with red suspenders over it, and some long jeans with cuffs on the bottom. Finish it off with red Converse sneakers and you’re good to go!


Meowth: Things start getting a little crafty with Meowth. First, buy a white hooded set of footie pajamas, then sew brown fabric to the feet. The hood is important because you’ll sew all of the head accent to it; the ears, yellow line in the middle, and crazy whiskers. Depending on if your little one is going to be walking around, you can decide to add or skip the tail. My daughter will be worn on my back, so I’m skipping it.

Team Rocket – James

Team Rocket – James: I figure Team Rocket will be the parents, so the costumes don’t have to be “accurate” as the kid’s costumes. Besides, this is Halloween, not Comic Con. For Jessie, I plan on finding a white zippered hoodie and sewing a red “R” onto it. You could also easily stencil the “R” on too, if that’s more your style. Pair the hoodie with some white pants, black rain boots, and black gloves and you’ve got your first bad guy. If the wearer is willing, you could add the blue wig, but I think the point is still made even without it.

Team Rocket – Jessie

Team Rocket – Jessie: For Jessie, I decided to use a white zippered fleece with a red “R” sewn onto it. (Again, could be painted.) To make this a warm weather version of the outfit, I put black fleece leggings under the white skirt and black knee-high boots, even though the character has bare legs. I also added short black gloves instead of long ones for this same reason, but if you can find a warm version of short white top with long black gloves, I would love to hear it. Finally, finish it off with a red wig if desired.

There you have it! Lots of Pokemon ideas for different members of your family. Oh, and if you’re wondering where Pikachu is, the Meowth costume idea could easily be converted to Pikachu. I chose to make Meowth instead, because I will be wearing the baby while dressed up like Jessie, so I thought Meowth was appropriate. Also, please note that if you’re going to be ordering pieces online, check the shipping dates! My son’s hat might not make it here in time for Halloween, so be wary if you’re ordering from other countries! Happy October everyone, go catch them all!

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