Sunday Lately – Challenging, Beautifying, and Finalizing

For this week’s Sunday Lately, I’m focusing on “Challenging”, “Beautifying”, and “Finalizing”. If you want to participate, head on over to Wild & Wanderful for the link up info.

Sunday Lately: challenging, beautifying, finalizing.

Lately, I’ve been figuring out how I’m going to be challenging myself this year. I want to get back into exercising, but I find it so challenging to actually make it out to the gym! It will be nice once the weather starts getting better and I can just run outside again. I’ve put on a few pounds this holiday season and they can go away at any time now, haha.

Is it weird that I kind of can’t wait to take down the Christmas decorations? I don’t know why, but this year I felt like it was all too much once I got everything set up. Just stuff EVERYWHERE. I think I might leave the tree up, but I’ve already brought the outside stuff in, and I’m itching to take down the rest of the inside decorations. I’m feeling like I’ll beautifying my house by removing a bunch of excess.

Lastly, l have been finalizing my lesson plans for the coming quarter. This is my first full quarter as a certified teacher, (I was basically subbing for myself up until the middle of November.) which means that I have to start turning in lesson plans and having observations done on my instructional practices. It’s really nerve-wracking, but I’m excited at the same time! I hope what I turn in is ok.

That’s me. What have you guys been up to?

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