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Sunday Lately is a weekly blog series hosted by social media group Blogger Tribe that provides bloggers with prompts to write about. (Prompts will be in teal italics.) Once upon a time, I followed a similar series, but that ended a while ago. Since then, I’ve been looking for something to replace it. Hopefully this will fit the bill.

(PS: My pictures almost never go along with the prompts. I use these posts as a photo dump for pictures I’ve taken but haven’t posted anywhere else.)

This past week, I’ve been completing all things Thanksgiving. I know that’s maybe a cop-out, but I’ve been very patiently waiting for Thanksgiving to be over. I’m usually one of those people who has no problem waiting until December first to decorate for Christmas, but I got the itch early this year. I thoroughly enjoyed Thanksgiving, but its time is done and my house is already decorated for Christmas, haha. I did wait until Black Friday though, so I feel like I did ok. On a the other hand, if anyone wants to send me their old plastic baby-gate play yard thing, I will happily put it around my tree. My daughter is driving me NUTS with her constant redecorating of the tree. It’s going to be a long Christmas season. Possible moment of regret with the baby + tree.

I keep trying to see if anyone is interested in visiting us, but Alaska in the winter is a hard sell, haha. My mother in law of course wishes she could come for Christmas like usual, but it’s not looking like she’ll be able to make it up until next year.

I need to get back into repeating good habits and make time to exercise. Now that it’s really too cold to take my daughter outside for runs, my exercising has basically completely halted. I’ll do yoga a couple of times a week maybe, but it’s not enough. There’s no excuse for it. There are a million people posting exercise videos on youtube. I just need to find one that I like and stick to it. I made time for it before…why does staying inside make that much of a difference?

On the same line with making more time for myself, I need to get back into writing blog posts in advance and scheduling them so that I can have a regular posting schedule again. I have a list of things I want to write about, that are really good for any time of the year, so I need to just sit down and actually get some words on the screen. Right now, I just post something when I get a minute and it’s not the best plan for me. I’m always making an excuse or finding something “more important” to do, but if I don’t make some kind of creative outlet for myself, (blogging is included in this!) then I start to feel a little batty. No more! Sadly, I think the answer to this is me waking up earlier. I love (love love) my sleep, but something’s got to give, and it’s not going to be the dishes.

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