What I Wore: Winter Whites

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted an outfit, but I felt the need to once I put together this outfit. I’m breaking fashion rules here and wearing white after labor day! White can be a hard color to wear in the winter, and a hard color to keep nice if you’re a mom, but I successfully wore this all day without issue.

Although, I think if you’re going to try and wear white in winter for the first time, white and mint is probably a good wintery mix of colors, right? I was tempted to wear a white scarf and have my outfit go white-mint-white-mint, but then I felt like some kind of candy cane, so I added the grey scarf instead. This was actually a Target dollar bin find. It was $3!

It might look like I’m wearing a sweater and a skirt, but this is actually a sweater over a dress. I had to tuck the ends of the sweater under, but I like how the whole thing turned out. Honestly though, this outfit was really just an excuse to wear these tights. I bought them because I loved the color, but there aren’t too many occassions that call for sea green legs, hahaha. Imagine that! Actually, coming up with different outfits featuring mint tights might be something to blog about in the future!

PS: My hands are like that because it was 18 degrees out when I took these photos. Alaska problems; the struggle is real.

Some detail shots. I put my hair half up, but made it go into a side bun. I like it, but I think I’ll use more bobby pins next time to keep it flat against my head. I also felt that the scarf wasn’t enough, so I added the necklace under it to make the outfit a little more interesting. It’s a really cute vintage-inspired piece that I’ve had for years. My boots seem really old fashioned to me and I love them. I just can’t find things like this in stores anymore.

Outfit Details

Sweater & Socks – Forever 21
Dress as Skirt – Max Studio (from JBER clothing swap!)
Tights & Scarf – Target
Boots – Thrifted
Necklace – H&M

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