What I Wore: Raspberry Cardigan

Since I’m still getting settled in Alaska, I hope you don’t mind me posting some Kansas-based stuff for a while. Thanks for understanding!

As part of my graduate studies, I have to observe classrooms. My observations started when I lived in Kansas and that meant that I needed to put effort into my outfits and get dressed for real! There aren’t many photos of this outfit due to the rain and the fact that I only had a few minutes to take photos before I had to pick up my kids from childcare.

I like that this outfit is pretty simple, but the little details make it stand out. Basically, it’s just a dress and a cardigan, plus accessories. Easy-peasy. Even the hair is a quick style. I put the headband (It’s one of those headbands that is connected together to make a circle.) over my hair, wrapped the front strands around the elastic part of the headband, made a low ponytail with the whole thing, rolled that into a sock bun, and pinned it into place with bobby pins. Done! If you’d like a tutorial, let me know!

This outfit worked well for observations, but I will probably wear the dress with tights or leggings when I wore it again. I didn’t realize it was so short until I took these photos! Changing room mirrors lie, I tell you! It didn’t look this short in the store!

Outfit Details
Cardigan – Target
Dress – thrifted
Necklace – c/o Sassy Steals
Shoes – Payless

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